This Is What A 10,000-Strong iPhone Domino Effect Would Look Like

When deciding whether to buy an Apple product, there are a few things most people would want to take into consideration. “How clear is the resolution?” you might wonder. “Is it within my price range?” Way farther down the list, probably, is the question, “How does it function in an enormous domino processional?”

The folks at Aatma Studios, a brand-oriented digital production house, are known for creating with concept videos for Apple products, and now they’ve outdone themselves. In the fittingly titled 10,000 iPhone 5 Domino, a group in an office setting gather around to set off a chain of falling iPhones that quickly escalates into something far beyond typical workplace shenanigans.

After the trail of (CGI, but you’d barely know it) iPhones leaves the office, they end up leading to a freight elevator set up to elaborately unspool during the duration of travel, with multiple streams cascading into each other. What makes the video look rather remarkable though is how it utilizes the iPhones’ fantasy NFC feature, passing content from one screen to the next as they touch.

“This iPhone video is imagined as an advertisement for the iPhone 5 concept feature of NFC,” a caption on the video’s Youtube page reads. “If iPhone 5S comes with the NFC feature, this could be a pretty neat iPhone commercial.”JB