Amazing Macro Photos of Bugs With An Unsual Accessory

These bugs are definitely ready for their close-up; they just needed some water first.

Tel Aviv-based lensman has a knack for macros, or extreme close-up photography. This skill has led to an intense fascination with various creatures in the past. One ongoing theme that’s left viewers thirsty for more, though, involves insects that are ever so slightly deluged.

“Water drops are perfect, like insects,” Reinshtein says. “In my opinion, everything created by nature is perfect, and the size doesn’t matter. Very small things can be much more complicated, attractive, and wonderful.”

The advertising photographer and creative retoucher has a series of images featuring bugs with drops of water on their heads. Reinshtein had been thinking about what insects might look like with some kind of adornment, when the idea of water struck. With an astounding amount of detail clarity, his pictures reveal what look like helmets or inflated shower caps poised above each insect’s head, probably about to burst.

The photographer found his “models” in a variety of places, including gardens, streets, and out in the forest. Then he brought the insects back to his studio in a small box and staged a photo session with them, so to speak, using a Canon 100mm macro lens and a Nikon d300s. Reinshtein then lets his subjects free after he gets his shots.

“It’s a pity that people can’t see all this beauty without any equipment,” the photographer says, “so I am trying to show it in my way.”

Have a look through more of the images in the slide show above.JB