See Light Paintings Made From The Trails Of Wakeboarders

Sometimes photography is all about being at the exact right place at just the right moment. Other times, you have to make the moment happen yourself, perhaps with three young athletes riding wakeboards that are tricked out like a laser light show.

Wherever there are sports even threatening to be extreme these days, you will also find Red Bull. This year, the energy drink company is holding a photography competition called Red Bull Illume, dedicated to catching its brand of wild sports in action. So far, the photographer to beat seems to be Patrick Rochon, whose “light paintings” look dazzling on the water.

Recently, Rochon partnered with the photography facilitators at Snap! Orlando to make a blockbuster submission for Red Bull Illume. The crew brought wakeboarders Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington, and Dallas Friday out to Florida’s OWC Cable Park to ride special wakeboard rigged with LEDs that Snap! designed.

Rochon shot his boarders after the park closed to the public, as they went about catching air and hitting sliders on boards done up with elaborate LED lighting. When the lights from the board are set against a dark background, the water at night for instance, the rays stretch like Tron-trails or neon signs.

Watch a video about the shoot below, and look through some of the best shots in the slide show above.

[Photos by Patrick Rochon]JB