Find Out Where You Rank On The List Of The World’s Richest People

Most people are interested in how much money the fabulously wealthy have. An app Co.Create mentioned last fall even lets you search how much each Hollywood star is worth. While uncovering these numbers can only make people with average bank accounts feel smaller, perhaps finding out where they rank on the Global Rich List will have the opposite effect.

Created by London-based agency Poke, The GRL asks users how much their yearly salary adds up to, and then let’s them know what percentage of the world’s richest people they’re in. The team at Poke put the list together with calculations based on figures from the World Bank Development Research Group, in order to show people, in real numbers, where thy stand financially in relation to the rest of the world.

“The world’s 225 richest people now have a combined wealth of $1 trillion,” reads the copy on the list site. “That’s equal to the combined annual income of the world’s 2.5 billion poorest people.”

Of course, there’s a reason behind revealing this information to users. In addition to wanting people to understand their relative wealth a bit more and appreciate it, Poke also wants them to consider sharing it with those who rank far lower. To that end, there are also quick links to charitable organizations on the site so you can share your wealth.JB