Get A Graphic Glimpse At The Secret Lives Of Superheroes

The big lie of cinema is that it leaves out all the mundane aspects of real life, which are boring, gross, or grossly boring. Characters are never shown in a prolonged battle with a booger or stuck deep inside a Wikipedia k-hole, for example. If we can’t get such realistic details from our more earthbound fictional counterparts, can we ever expect as much from the dynamic world savers who fill comic books? We can now.

Created by illustrator Grégoire Guillemin, the “Secret Life Of Superheroes” series is pop art bitten by a highly unmotivated radioactive spider. Using familiar faces from the Marvel and DC comic book worlds, Guillemin brings us perhaps too deep into the downtime of those who go up, up, and away to fight crime.

The series debuted earlier this year, with images of Batman brushing his teeth, Spiderman scarfing a burger, and Wonder Woman stuffing her wonderbra. (Even in parodies, female superheroes can’t catch a break.) The just-released second series explores these heroes’ off-the-clock hours even further, showing off the Hulk’s incredible joint-rolling skills, Catwoman dislodging something from her teeth, and some sexual super-shenanigans you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Have a look at images from both series in the slide show above, and pick up prints of your favorites at Guillemin’s store.JB