Old Spice Bar Soap Ads Bring An Unshakable Freshness To Commercial Tropes Of Yesteryear

Old Spice does not disappoint. Since the brand’s rolling out a new line of bar soaps–so old school!–it’s produced a series of ’80s- and ’90s-era commercials to match. But this isn’t your granddad’s Suave or Irish Spring. In “Shower,” a sudsy deluge follows Hunky Actor in his car, to work, and even out to dinner accompanied by a track with increasingly alarmed, hilariously detailed lyrics.

In “Watermelon,” Hunky Actor finds a bar of soap inside a watermelon, inside a basketball. Confused? Don’t be. Just think back to that SNL sketch where a taco is wrapped in a burger inside a pizza.

To quote one of the ads, the new campaign acknowledges a “serious problem.” “With new Old Spice bar soap, we wanted show the more than 40 percent of guys who are bar soap loyalists that we have their backs when it comes to manly scented shower equipment,” Joe Arcuri, Vice President, North America Beauty Care at Procter & Gamble, said in a statement. “We know many guys are living with an unspoken shame–that they simply use whatever bar soap is already in the shower based on what the woman in their life purchased and is often using. I guess we’re also in the business of helping guys reclaim their territory in the shower.”

The spots were created by Old Spice agency Wieden + Kennedy and directed by Steve Rogers. You can now enjoy your shower and watermelon in three scents: Fiji, Swagger, Pure Sport. Happy washing.JM