Hijo de Puta! Spain Goes for Google on the Privacy Front

Spain is the latest country to become grand inquisitor of Google–and again, it’s the privacy issue that’s rearing its ugly head. Back in June, Apedanica, a private Internet watchdog and tech consultancy filed a complaint that the firm was violating people’s privacy while compiling data for its Street View service.

Madrlleña judge Raquel Fernandino has issued a subpoena for a
representative of the 12-year-old Californian firm to appear in court on
October 4 so that she can determine whether it has committed a “computer crime” or not. Of all the countries currently battling the search engine giant, Spain could have the toughest test here, because all Spaniards live their lives out on the streets, rather than behind closed doors–especially if they are still living at home with their parents and are past the age of consent. In Spain, that’s set at 13.

The Mediterranean country joins Germany, Switzerland, France, Korea, Italy, Australia and Hong Kong in its pursuit of the search engine giant. And the firm is obviously rattled–it’s just advertised for a Privacy Counsel to work in its London office. The successful candidate will be both making sure that Google is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the privacy front, as well as “assuring the outside world all is well.” A multi-lingual person with a legal qualification in European law might come in handy.