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Street Artist JR Creates iPad App to Help You Track Down His Work

Celebrated street artist JR has a new app that uses photo, video, and interactive content to give fans a closer look at his work around the world.

Street Artist JR Creates iPad App to Help You Track Down His Work

The artist who goes by JR believes that the street is “the largest gallery in the world.” If that’s the case, then this gallery is now officially offering a guided tour of his work.

JR’s most famous pieces are black-and-white lithograph portraits that are pasted at odd places. Some of these places include actual galleries in museums such as the Tate Modern in London, but much of the time, the pieces will be on the sides of buildings around the world–or, say, a ship in Japan. Fortunately, the artist has made it much easier to appreciate his work in person by creating a new iPad app that shows where all his pieces are located.

The self-titled app uses Retina-optimized photos, video, and interactive content to not only reveal where the art is stationed, but to give viewers more of an idea of what went into creating it. Also helping illuminate the artist’s work, JR released a digital book entitled The Wrinkles of the City, Los Angeles, documenting his most recent project–which focuses on aging within a city that prizes youth and beauty so highly. For an artist who chooses to remain anonymous, that’s a lot of insight.

Watch a video of JR’s TED talk below.

[Image: Flickr user Nick Webb]

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