Zurich Calling: Your Favorite Punk Rock Gig Posters Meet Swiss Modernism

Most music fans have a a special place in their hearts for rock show posters–some of which transcend the form to become art. The punk rock gig flyers of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s had a raw, DIY feel that matched the edge of the music. A graphic designer in New York City has found a new look for some of these gems, though.

Mike Joyce, who owns and operates entertainment-focused Stereotype Design in New York, has a deep unabiding love for the punk show flyers of yore. If you saw Fugazi at the 9:30 Club in 1986, he’d like to have a word with you. Joyce is similarly obsessed with the design style of Swiss Modernism. When he’s not designing album packaging for the likes of Iggy Pop and Fall Out Boy, Joyce has taken to combining his passions by making Swiss Modernist versions of those old flyers.

On the website Swissted, Joyce posts all of the cultural mashup materials he creates. Vintage posters touting performances from the Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Public Image Limited, and the like are given the clean lines, simple color schemes, and emphasis on geometric shapes that distinguish the Swiss Modernist aesthetic. The posters have now been made into the book Swissted (Quirk Books). Darby Crash would be honored. And probably confused.

See some of the posters in the slide show above.

[Images Swissted/Mike Joyce]JB