All These Dogs Think They’re People And Might Not Be Wrong

Recently, we saw a photographer take a demonstrated interest in dressing up dogs (and other animals) in people clothes. We also saw a guy amusing himself greatly by dressing a dog in a suit and feeding him peanut butter. A new music video goes much further.

In the clip for its synth-lead song, “Purple and Gold,” the band Recorders recruits a bunch of adorable dogs to not only dress like people, but to act like them, too. The video follows along as a group of fashionable dogs–some with human hands, some not–perform a series of mundane tasks, like Facebook-stalking and dining at a restaurant. In case you couldn’t tell, one of these dogs has romance on the brain.

Rather than a special effects-laden extravaganza, here the dogs are simply stuffed into sweaters and the like, with the camera declining to linger on where the human hands inside the sleeves are coming from. Watch the standard bearer of dogs-acting-like-people videos, Spike Jonze’s clip for “Da Funk” by Daft Punk, below.