A Poignant Photo Series Captures The Silence Of Dogs In Cars

Martin Usborne remembers being left alone in a car as a very young child and the fear that his parents would never return. He also remembers watching a documentary in which a dog was shoved into a plastic bag and kicked.

“What appalled me most was that the dog could not speak back,” he recalls on his website.

From these experiences have come a series of images, “The Silence of Dogs in Cars,” now the subject of an exhibit at the Little Black Gallery in London. The animals look as though they want to speak but cannot. Some of them look about as lonesome as it’s possible for an animal to look.

Originally, Usborne walked around a supermarket parking lot barking, hoping to find actual dogs locked in by their owners. That didn’t work, so he staged the shots. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think some of these dogs had modeling experience.

See a selection of images in the slide show above.

[Photos by Martin Usborne]JM