• 04.02.13

The Most Interesting Man In the World Does Cinco de Mayo Whenever He Feels Like It

Since Cinco is on a Sunday this year, Dos Equis has lined up a selection of bars and restaurants to celebrate Dos de Mayo on the Thursday before.

Barely has the sun set on St. Patrick’s Day–the Super Bowl of ethnicity-based drinking holidays–yet it’s already time to turn our attention to Cinco de Mayo. The only problem with the celebration is that this year, the date happens to fall on a rather inconvenient day. So Dos Equis is instituting a scheduling shift.


Long-running Dos Equis spokes-stud, The Most Interesting Man In the World, purportedly has a conflict with Cinco de Mayo falling on a Sunday. According to the brand’s new campaign kickoff ad, he has “rattlesnake charm class” early on Monday morning and needs his rest. Considering how many 9-to-5ers might also be in a similar boat in terms of being unenthusiastic about waking up early, efforts are under way to hold the standard Cinco de Mayo festivities three days earlier–Dos de Mayo.

The Dos de Mayo campaign is a broad initiative that already has over a thousand bars and restaurants in the U.S. on board to participate. On the first Thursday of May (May 2), Dos de Mayo celebrations will run rampant from city to city leaving nothing but foam and tortilla dust in their wake. Additionally, a Maxim-hosted Dos de Mayo party will be held in Los Angeles. The Most Interesting Place To Be In the World? You tell us.

Of course, if you’ve really got a hankering to pay respects to Mexican culture as much as possible, there’s always the option of celebrating on both Dos and Cinco de Mayo this year. But first, have a look at the very on-theme infographic below.

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