Stussy Gets Baked, With a Cookbook Lookbook That Redefines “High” Cuisine

There’s a lot of buzz about Stussy’s new Amsterdam shirt, but not the kind normally associated with clothes. It’s a buzz more often associated with the city that bears this shirt’s name.

Created by agency Arnold Worldwide, the campaign for the company’s new shirt is a collaboration between Stussy, European online fashion hub, and Chef Misha Sukyas. The lookbook for Fresh Cotton’s spring collection comes accompanied by a cookbook and digital video featuring special recipes that count Amsterdam’s finest among their ingredients.

Fans of Stussy, Chef Sukyas, or recreational drugs in general can tweet at FreshCotton to get a PDF version of the extreme-cooking haute cuisine lookbook, fittingly called Baked. Every page features not only the latest in spring styles, but also recipes for dishes with names like Chinatown Dream, which features morning glory ravioli with coquilles (scallops), marijuana, and damiana leaves.

Throughout the book, Chef Sukyas pairs different spring fashion items with Stussy’s new Amsterdam shirt, in the same way that he pairs pasta with Hindu Kush items. Have a look through some of the psychedelic ingredients in the slide show above, and watch a video from the campaign below.