The Heinz Beanz Flavor Experience Gives the “Musical” Food New Meaning

Do you find beans boring? Do they look terribly sad beside your hotdog? Well fork over 57 British pounds (about $86) and you’ll no longer feel blasé about your beans. Heinz has partnered with food artists Bompas & Parr to create a complete sensory experience–including musical spoons–around the act of bean consumption.

The Cheddar Cheese beans come with a bowl designed to resemble a yellow cheese wheel. The Garlic & Herbs bowl resembles a garlic bulb and is constructed from 96 layers of 750-micron-thick card stock, meant to reflect the paperlike texture of a garlic shell. Other bowls are more abstract. The Curry bowl was inspired by a tall pile of spices. The Fiery Chili bowl resembles a strange rock formation or alien spacecraft.

Each spoon also contains an MP3 player, which plays a bean-themed tune when placed inside your mouth. While chomping down on Fiery Chili, you’ll hear salsa. While chewing Curry, you’ll hear Indian bhangra music. While masticating BBQ, you’ll sing along to the blues. Really, the only thing missing from the Beanz Experience is an interactive video display. Get on it, Heinz.

[Images Courtesy of Heinz]