• 03.29.13

Make Your Own “Game of Thrones”-Style Family Crest

HBO makes it easy to create a coat of arms that puts House Stark’s to shame.

Make Your Own “Game of Thrones”-Style Family Crest

Today in Game of Thrones news: HBO thinks you can do as fine a job designing a house insignia as its production team can. Maybe even better.


Just ahead of the March 31 debut of season three, HBO has rolled out a dedicated site called Join the Realm, which lets Thrones-lovers create the calling cards known as “sigils” on the show for the house of their choosing. (Whether these sigils end up becoming tattoos is optional on a case-by-case basis.) The site was made to be internationally compatible, with two dozen languages available for far-flung fans to declare themselves.

If you’re creating the sigil from scratch, first you must choose a house name. Before putting in something like “Little Lebowski Urban Achievers,” though, remember that there is not much space and pithiness counts. Next, pick your background, which can be any number of geometric permutations. Finally, select a representative icon which comes in animals like bear and fish-monster, or other categories which include more contemporary clip-art like dollar signs and movie clapboards.

Here’s mine for reference:

Crazy-busy folks may not have time for all these choices, though, in which case they may want to use the Do-It-For-Me option, which pulls info directly from your Facebook preferences to create a design. Doing so, however, creates a sigil-shaped window into your soul that you cannot unsee. Best to fight your own battles rather than sending somebody else in your stead…like Tyrion Lannister did that one time.

Is your sigil better? Share it in the comments below.

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