See A Sloth In A V-Neck And Other Fashionable Animals In “Zoo Portraits”

Move over, Menswear Dog. There’s some new unlikely fashion competition in town–a Barcelona-based photographer has arranged a photo shoot for pretty much the entire animal kingdom.

“Zoo Portraits” is the latest series from Yago Partal, a photo artist whose work tends toward the surreal. With the new work, Partal takes a wide variety of animals–both commonplace and exotic–as his subjects, and breaks the third Animal Farm commandment (“No animal shall wear clothes”). Not since Fantastic Mr. Fox have we seen this much fur in fabric.

The fun in this series–besides, you know, seeing animals in people clothes–is seeing which garments are paired with which animals, and how the clothes amplify their personalities. Both the giraffe and the ostrich get jaunty neckwear, but the ostrich is one of only two animals wearing a hat (the other is a pug.) It turns out that vests look more natural on bunnies than they do on red pandas, but both seem calm and studious. And none have found their look quite so much as the bear in the skull sweater. Those two were made for each other.

Have a look through more “Zoo Portraits” in the slide show above.JB