Work Hours Well Spent: Ad Writers’ Tiny Basketball Trick Shots Are Amazing

The creative process is different for everybody, but it’s seldom as simple as: ready…set…create! A lot of quiet thumb-twiddling often goes into coming up with the breakthrough idea that puts a plan into motion. Some creatives have apparently found a more constructive outlet for their hands during idea generation, though.

Agency mOcean must have assigned some real brain-busting briefs lately, because three members of its in-house team seem to have achieved an almost unbelievable level of proficiency at shooting baskets into the tiny hoop that adorns the door to their shared office. The three gents–identified as the Human Highlighter, Sharpie Shooter, and E-Mail Man (aka agency writers Burke Campbell, Jon Wiley, and Bryan Dobrik) made a video they claim uses no special effects, wherein they achieve some seriously crafty hoop-sinking feats. We’re talking no-look shots, floor bounces, and wall banks.

The video comes as a response to Daniel Tosh’s recent sports-themed challenge solicitation. The star of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 has always tried out challenges that originated on the Internet. Recently, he asked viewers to send in some fresh ones involving sports. Tosh claims to be the best at any sports challenge, often snickering, “Nana boo boo; stick your head in doo doo” upon completing challenges. Perhaps he’ll be the one sticking his head in something after this one.

Watch Daniel Tosh’s call for challenges below.

Hat tip to Adfreak.JB