A$AP Rocky and Skrillex Drop Bass All Over The DR

The opening caption says everything viewers need to know about what they’re about to watch:

Directed by Chris Robinson and A$AP Rocky himself, the video for “Wild For the Night” kicks off with the fast-rising rapper quizzing a youngster on the sheer dominance of his crew–the A$AP Mob. As soon as the Harlem native is satisfied with his friend’s answers, the video properly begins.

Rocky and the rest of his crew–which for today includes dubstep deity Skrillex–are intermittently glimpsed riding scooters and enjoying the fruits of the region, when they’re not dancing on rooftops. Since he isn’t near his instruments, the producer just kinda stands around doing high kicks, looking psyched but underutilized. That is, until the last minute of the video, when Skrillex looks at home behind the decks at a huge party.

Bonus: This extended clip includes one of Skrillex’s bass drops not heard on the album version of the song. If you’re into that sort of thing. Watch another video from A$AP Rocky’s debut album below.