• 03.26.13

“Angry Birds” Comes To The Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center gets Angry about making learning fun.

“Angry Birds” Comes To The Kennedy Space Center

There are many reasons to visit the Kennedy Space Center. But if seeing rocket ships up close and learning from real astronauts what it’s like to be in space seems old hat, there’s now an exciting new exhibit that’s sure to engage and impress: Angry Birds.


The 4,485-square-foot, seven-exhibit attraction includes making your own digital Angry Bird, playing the Eggsteroid Slingshot, and traversing the Danger Zone Mirror Maze and Red Planet Laser Challenge.

But the Angry Birds exhibit isn’t all fun and games; it’s also educational.

“Concepts of human space exploration are incorporated into Angry Birds Space Encounter, reflecting the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s ongoing mission to encourage young people in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields of study,” Bill Moore, the center’s CEO, said in a statement about the exhibit.

The takeaway: Want little Jonny to be an astronaut when he grows up? Better make sure he’s spending hours with Angry Birds.

[Angry Birds images: Rovio | iPad image: Flickr user [url=]Richard Giles][/url]

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