Ice Is Back With A Brand-New Invention: Dentyne Ice Creates Ice Typeface, Baby

If the word ice is in the name of a product, getting some ice into an ad is kind of a no-brainer. It’s not something Dentyne Ice has shied away from in the past either. However, the brand’s latest campaign makes clever use of the stuff to deliver its message. Here, let us spell it out for you.

Dentyne Ice’s new print campaign conveys the arctic temperature of the product, both with words themselves and the way they’re rendered—with an alphabet built of ice. Using the new alphabet in advertising allows Dentyne to make all-copy ads that convey an extra message visually.

Created by agency McCann New York, the new campaign features the typographical skills of designer Craig Ward. Ward ended up creating physical models for the entire alphabet, shooting the letters outdoors in freezing weather rather than under the harsh conditions of the studio. The results have all the little crags and clarity of an ice block and look so cold you might feel it in your teeth.

Have a look at some examples of the typeface in action in the slide show above, and watch a video of the designer creating the icy letters below.