Diners’ Stories Decorate Plates At London Café

Restaurant buzz often spreads through word of mouth, but at a new café in London, the story is right there on the plate.

Dishoom is a British eatery that sets out to capture the feel of the Irani cafés of India. In addition to quenching diners’ hunger, these cafés are also known to satisfy patrons’ appetite for community. Apparently everyone shares dishes while sharing stories together–no matter whether they came alone or in groups. It’s a social atmosphere Dishoom hopes to conjure by rolling out 80 custom-made plates decorated with stories about diners’ experiences with the old Bombay cafés.

Created by OgilvyOne UK, the new effort collects stories from diners on the Internet. Users are asked to describe these fun café reminiscences and stories and then pick a font. Doodles are optional, but encouraged. The plates that DIshoom likes the most are then made and used at the restaurant, perhaps while diners are in the middle of making their own memories to be displayed on future plates.

Have a look through some of the examples that have emerged so far in the slide show above.

Hat tip to Creative Review.