Chatty Sausage Uses Humor, Horror To Turn Pork Eaters Into Vegetarians

It’s nearly impossible to talk someone into becoming a vegetarian. There’s nothing to stop a loose-lipped link of meat from trying, though, in a new ad from Mercy for Animals.

Directed by Louis van Zwol, the ad starts out playfully enough, with a man in a rundown shwarma shop preparing to eat his meal. Soon enough, though, he finds himself locked in a conversation with an anthropomorphic sausage link who has dipped-ketchup for hair. The heavily British-accented foodstuff discusses both the yuck factor of what’s inside himself, and the hellish, prisonlike conditions in which he spent his final days before becoming a sausage.

“I would’ve given my right leg for a bit of fresh air,” the gray meat product says. “I ended up giving all of them.”

When words fail the chatty sausage, as they’re so often bound to do in such endeavors, he uses telekinesis (why not?) to show the young diner what happens to some of the 60 billion animals killed for food worldwide each year. The man sees a montage of unspeakable scenes from the horror show that is factory farming and meat processing. Fortunately for the cause of vegetarianism, it could be said, viewers have to see all that, too.JB