• 03.20.13

See Steve Jobs Rendered In Bubble Wrap

Bradley Hart uses bubble wrap and paint to create these pixelated paintings.

Artist Bradley Hart found a piece of bubble wrap lying on the floor after his first-ever gallery show and wondered about the origins of the stuff. It turns out that bubble wrap was invented in 1957 as a modern form of wall coverings. (So much for that…)


Hart took the material–today meant to protect art–and turned it into art, painstakingly filling each bubble with acrylic paint through a syringe to create pixelated, photorealistic pictures. On the flip side of each painting is a mirror-image, but one in which the paint squirted into each bubble has seeped through the back of the wrap.

See Hart’s work above, on his site, and at Gallery Nine5 in New York until March 29 (but no popping).

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