Instagram Art: See Astonishing Mini Masterpieces Made Out Of Food

This week, we’ve already established that dinner plates can be rather artistic, but an artist based in Shanghai reminds us the food that goes on those plates can be used for making masterpieces, too.

Hong Yi, who also goes by the name Red, is an artist and architect who loves to paint without actually painting. (Some of her past works have included a wax portrait of Adele.) This March, she decided to create a new image every day using food, posting the results on Instagram to keep her accountable.

Using all manner of inventive ingredients, Red has created some elaborate culinary art, with the gleaming white plate backdrop highlighting dramatic or simple scenes. To date, she has made a melting arctic nature scene out of an ice cream stick, an elephant circus with eggplant, and a country farm setting with cucumber. There are only a few days left in March, but there’s still time to find yourself both impressed and hungered by Red’s work.

Anyone who happens to be inspired by these fun food photos is invited to post their own on Instagram too. Hashtag your mashed-potato mountain with #creativemarch, but considering the gauntlet Red has thrown done already, you’d better bring it.

Look through more pieces in the slide show above, and watch a video about the project below.