Biting Elbows’ New Video Is the Most Ultraviolent Gangster Movie Tarantino Never Made

Video games have begun to look a lot more like movies as graphics have come ever closer to replicating reality. As a result, ads for video games are now nearly indistinguishable from ads for movies. Meanwhile, it’s hard to decide whether the new video from Russian thrash band Biting Elbows looks more like one than the other.

“Bad Motherfucker” has the immediacy and POV of a first-person shooter, while also featuring the dark-suited gangsters of the typical first-wave Tarantino knockoff. What it has in common with both media, though, is that it’s almost cartoonishly violent.

The new video is a sequel to 2011’s “The Stampede,” better known as “Insane Office Escape.” The original video had a tough guy slaying many a goon in the effort to secure some red herring device kept in an office vault. At the end of the video, our unnamed hero is caught. Part two picks up immediately where the first video left off, but takes the violence to an upper register that might be startling to gamers in it’s cinematic realism.

Created by director (and band frontman) Ilya Naishuller and post-production designer Sergey Valyaev, “Bad Motherfucker” retains the gauzy, color-drained look of the first video, in addition to its nihilistic carnage. From the first moment, wherein our hero seems about to die, all that can be heard is opera music. After the condemned makes an initial escape, however, involving German shepherd damage and a useful billiard cue ball, things get seriously twisted–with a body count that explains why YouTube may have pulled the video hours after its release. (As of the afternoon of March 18, it has been restored.)

Watch the first video in the Insane Office Escape series below.