Hacking The World’s Dictionaries To Change The Definition Of Marriage

While the U.S. government is speeding ahead with progress on marriage equality, a group of San Francisco activists believe that there’s an under-the-radar institution holding back progress: the dictionary, which generally defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

Given the changing meaning of the word marriage, the crew of activists (who ask to remain anonymous) “decided to speed things up by hacking the institution that literally provides meaning to our lives,” they wrote in a statement. “We updated the meaning of marriage from ‘the union between a husband and wife’ to ‘the union between two people.'”

The group released a video on the blog that shows them visiting libraries and booksellers around the Bay Area–including chains like Barnes & Noble and independent shops like the iconic City Lights Books in San Francisco–and covering the “out of date” entries for the word “marriage” with stickers emblazoned with an updated definition. “Our goal is to invite others to participate in this and for every dictionary in a given town or city to have an accurate definition of marriage,” one of the hackers writes in an email, “kind of Fight Club-style.”

On the group’s website, you can download and print the same stickers they used to update the definition of marriage. The design-conscious hackers say the stickers should blend in well in any dictionary, since they all tend to use basic sans serif fonts.ZS