A Young YouTuber’s Disney Parody Imagines Dark Fates For Princesses, Sets Internet Ablaze

The Shrek franchise has made some serious strides toward demystifying the characters of beloved animated fairy tales. It’s impossible to unsee Pinocchio’s thong in Shrek 2, for instance. A new video appeared online on March 12, however, that will rain much harder on your beloved cartoon movies parade, specifically when it comes to Disney princesses.

Jon Cozart, a YouTuber who also goes by the name Paint, is the guy behind “After Ever After.” In the video, the screen is split four ways, allowing Cozart to do all parts simultaneously of an a capella backing track, with the four Cozarts interacting with each other. The music has a new-school twist on the quartet format, with occasional beatboxing thrown into the bum-bum-bums. The real draw here, though, is the lyrical description of each reinterpreted Disney tale.

One by one, Cozart puts each Disney princess’s story in context, often giving them a modern twist. Ariel might have to struggle with the BP oil spill, it seems, while Jasmine may run into trouble with counterterrorism measures. Belle would perhaps have to deal with PETA, which is not such a fan of beastiality.

Most disturbing of all, though, is the fate of Pocahontas, who Cozart envisions as more of a warrior-princess. “Have you ever held the entrails of an English guy? Or bit the beating hearts of Spanish men?” he sings as Pocahontas.

Considering that Cozart only covered four Disney princesses so far and there are still plenty more to get through, expect as many potential follow-ups as there are straight-to-DVD Alladin sequels.JB