• 03.12.13

There Are More Uses for Peeps–And Youtube Pop-Ups–Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Those of you who simply stuff your faces with the marshmallow candies at Easter are going to feel awfully lazy when you see all of the creative things that people do with Peeps in an annotated video on YouTube.

There Are More Uses for Peeps–And Youtube Pop-Ups–Than You Can Possibly Imagine

On the surface, the marshmallowy snack food Peeps don’t seem capable of inspiring a ton of creativity. Fortunately, somebody forgot to tell the Internet as much.


If you search Peeps online, you’ll stumble upon people designing Peeps tattoos and creating Andy Warhol-inspired Peeps pop art. Others are building historically accurate dioramas packed with Peeps, erecting statues of Abraham Lincoln made of Peeps, and even jousting with Peeps. The list goes on and on and on.

Tapping into this fringe passion, the creative team at The Terri & Sandy Solution–Peeps’ New York City-based advertising agency–celebrates the soft, gooey treat’s place in pop culture in a new commercial titled “Brothers.” Directed by The Hoffman Brothers, the spot finds a precocious 10-year-old boy schooling his little brother in the fun things that can be done with Peeps. The young Peeps aficionado starts his enthusiastic Peeps rant on Easter morning, and he is still going strong as the boys go to bed for the night. The creative team at The Terri & Sandy Solution realized they could go even further with the spot, though, and produced an annotated version for YouTube, allowing users to access links to the more than two dozen Peeps projects and activities mentioned therein.

Every single time the boy mentions one, up pops a bubble containing a link with more information, and the links direct viewers to everything from a photo of a colorful Peeps tat created by tattoo artist Kelly Doty to the epic image of a Peepsasaurus Rex on display at the Carroll County Arts Center to a video of a Peeps jousting experiment conducted by an enterprising science blogger who wanted to know whether jousting is best done with stale Peeps or fresh Peeps.

The staff of The Terri & Sandy Solution was able to build the video in a matter of hours after gaining access to annotation tools provided by Google, which is currently beta testing the technology, according to agency Co-President Sandy Greenberg.

“The most challenging part of the process was actually going through all of the Peeps content online to select our favorite sites to link to. There were just so many good options to choose from,” Greenberg says. “After creating a consolidated list of links, we used YouTube’s annotation timeline to drop in the different Peeps possibilities at the exact time that each is referenced in the commercial.”

The pop-ups containing the links were designed to complement the look and feel of Peeps’ current campaign. “We selected Easter colors and speech bubbles that are as cute and quirky as Peeps,” Greenberg points out.

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