Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera’s Comedy Collective Jash Launches At SXSW

Sarah Silverman is fixing her hair and shifting her weight from one foot to another.

“Um…um…what should I say?”

I’ve asked her to record a Vine on the meaning of innovation while we wait backstage at the SXSW launch of Jash, the new comedy collective and eponymous, YouTube-sponsored web channel she founded with fellow comedians Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, Reggie Watts, and producer Daniel Kellison.

Finally, a deadpan Silverman stares into my iPhone camera.

“I want your butt inside me. Jash dot com.”

Cera, Tim and Eric, and Watts erupt in laughter.

“How do people let you get away with this stuff?” someone asks.

That’s a question Jash–a play on the slang “to josh”–will inevitably encounter as it begins cranking out content on its new online channel. The team describes Jash as a platform that provides comedians and artists with financing, production and editing resources, and staff to create their own digital content. Artists will be able to create short-form works such as sketches, short films, and series while maintaining complete creative autonomy.

Look for Jash as part of the cast of characters profiled in an upcoming Fast Company feature on the future of Hollywood.CC