Louis CK Goes Meta In a Promo That Mocks Most Promos

The promotional part of being a celebrity seems to make Louis CK’s skin crawl. The widely respected comic recently turned a standard questionnaire in Vanity Fair into an evisceration of such things, and he does the same in an ad for his new HBO special.

Released online on March 8th, the promo for CK’s forthcoming Oh My God features the comic extraordinaire walking viewers through what they are about to see and hear, just before it comes to fruition. As a result, he gets to have it both ways, with a splashy, expensive-looking promo and also a winking acknowledgement of how ridiculous said promos come across, considering that the product being advertised is a guy on a stage.

First, the distribution-innovator makes fun of the overall aesthetic of HBO’s ads, describing the jet engine rumble that often sounds just before a title appears on-screen–and also the fact that Louis might appear on stage in a Vegas-style suit, golden mic in hand. Better still is the way CK makes fun of the aggrandizing language often used in these kinds of ads. “Then you’ll hear the HBO guy say something like ‘The greatest comedy of the generation of a blah blah ever to do a thing on a thing,'” he says, just before those words are spoken with movie-trailer gravitas.

Louis CK’s Oh My God premieres on HBO, Saturday, April 13th.JB