All Hail The Tattoo Shop That Found A Cool Use For QR Codes

Yeah, we’ve heard it. You hate QR codes.

While QR codes aren’t getting much love today, one tattoo shop in Istanbul deserves credit for at least finding a creative way to use one.

On the hunt for new tattoo artists, the folks at Berrge Tattoo ran an advertisement in a local newspaper, featuring what is best described as the ghost of a QR code in the center of the page.

Created by Istanbul agency Büro, the ad featured copy notifying readers that Berrge Tattoo was hiring. Tattoo artists interested in applying for jobs were asked to demonstrate their skills through an unconventional method: filling in the QR code. Carefully.

It’s the ultimate test; you don’t want to hire a tattoo artist who draws outside the lines, after all. Those applicants who neatly and precisely inked the QR code were then able to use the code itself to access an application form. Those who couldn’t neatly and precisely ink the QR code were left to curse their unsteady hands.CC