• 03.04.13

Do You Know What the Most Annoying Sound In the World Is? Volkswagen Does

In a new ad for Volkswagen, the Jetta’s generous gas mileage doesn’t make it any easier to be stuck in a car for a long time with the wrong person.

It seems as though Volkswagen’s post-Super Bowl M.O. is to show how a road trip might go horribly wrong, despite the use of a vehicle equipped to make such a journey enjoyable. First, there was the alpine-area top-down driver who left his ski mask on at a convenience store; now it’s a passenger who’s the problem.


In the latest ad for the carmaker, two people are loading up on gas as they embark upon a nine-hour road trip together. Unfortunately, over the course of this brief intermission, the driver gets a preview of what his Jetta’s 609 miles per tank is about to get him–an inescapable audience with someone whose laugh is pitched between Revenge of the Nerds and the animal kingdom (the driver’s reaction to the noise is the highlight here). Created by Deutsch LA and frequent collaborator, director Noam Murro, the ad is a reminder to choose your passengers as wisely as your vehicles.

Watch the full ad below.

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