• 02.27.13

See Every Car Toyota Has Ever Made In This Mind-Boggling Interactive Timeline

Nostalgic for your ’87 Tercel? See it and every other car Toyota has ever made–with full specs–in this interactive experience.

Toyota’s first-ever car was the Toyoda 1936 Model AA sedan. Classy and classic, the car had a water-cooled inline 6-cylinder engine and sold for 3,350 yen or $16,086.47 in today’s dollars. It was successful enough that the following year, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. began full-scale manufacturing operations. Seventy-five years later, to celebrate the anniversary of the company’s founding, an intricate vehicle family tree at shows you the Model AA and every other car that Toyota has ever created.


The interactive design allows you to search for cars by year, model, make, image, and even innovation (including when front-wheel drive was first introduced). Run your search and a seemingly endless web of cars will scroll rapidly across the screen. Then, when you click on whatever catches your eye, up pops the car’s image, specs, and even a video of the model in action. (The 1963 AA sedan, it should be noted, is moving very slowly.) And for any automobile super wonks out there, don’t forget the supplementary engine-type chart, which will help you parse the company’s complicated engine codes.

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