The Horror In The Mirror: Beauty Shop Patrons Get A Fright In Movie Marketing Stunt

The producers of The Last Exorcism movies have ways of making you see them; mainly by scaring you before you ever get into the theater.

In 2010, Lionsgate found a clever way to channel the world’s brief fascination with random interaction site Chatroulette into an ingenious, chilling bit of viral marketing. Perhaps you were forwarded the video, in which two hopeful Internet boys think they’re about to see some skin, and end up seeing so much more. Now that the sequel to that film is upon us, new distributor CBS has taken the scares offline and into a beauty shop.

A promotional stunt for the face-palmingly titled The Last Exorcism II shows viewers its hand up front, opting instead to freak out the customers at a beauty shop. An acrobatically inclined woman wearing dead-person makeup and a nightgown hides behind a mirror that becomes two-way when illuminated. Over the course of their visit, some of the women getting treatment see a flash of dead girl in their own reflection, and react as you might to same–with NSFW language.

Watch the full video above.JB