• 02.27.13

See Amazing Underwater Sculptures Made Of Our Marine Trash

Artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez create innovative underwater sculptures out of jeans, streamers, and lawn chairs–to remind us that stuff doesn’t belong down there.

A lot of environmentally conscious folks prefer to cut each plastic ring from their disposed-of six-packs. While the thought behind this act is certainly commendable–an effort not to entangle any fish that swim within bubbling distance of these sea shackles–it connotes a certain inevitability that is unsettling: the idea that all trash winds up in the ocean. Clearly sympathetic to the cause, scuba diving artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez are making art to caution against this eventuality.


Working as Forlane 6 Studio, the pair has recently taken to creating underwater tableaux that show off the afterlife of objects once they are discarded into the sea. These undulating underwater sculptures are made of chairs, streamers, pants, and hunks of random garbage like old showerheads. Each piece gives the appearance of bobbing around like car-dealership wind puppets, even though these are stills. In order to enhance the illusion of motion, bubblers and what looks to be falling confetti complement some of the photos. While it’s nice to imagine our garbage coming to Toy Story-like life at the bottom of the ocean, it’s nicer to imagine that in the future it will never arrive down there.

Have a look at some making-of photos here, and look through more of the pieces in the slide show above.

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