• 03.08.13

Blood Vinyl, Spacesuits, Vagina Rings, and 14 More Items of Music Merch You Won’t Believe Are Real

Some bands just want to sell you something to remember their live show by; others want to make that something itself just as memorable…

When I was age 16, I went to see California punk vets NOFX in concert. They were supporting their latest album, Heavy Petting Zoo. The lewd title was joined by lewder album art and also, as I learned at the show, merchandise that was even lewder still. During the performance, frontman Fat Mike threw into the audience an inflated sex doll shaped like a sheep. I caught it and brought it home. After endless harassment from friends, I eventually destroyed this souvenir (you try being asked whether you’ve “sheeped” yet today, every day). For years, it remained the weirdest piece of music merch I’d ever encountered. Recently, however, some items have come to light that blow that blow-up sheep out of the water.


Whether it’s Sigur Rós selling a candle that supposedly smells like its recording studio, the Flaming Lips selling vinyl records made with celebrity blood, or Tenacious D offering a rag to be used specifically for, um, post-coital cleanup, there is no doubt that merch has taken a turn for the weird over the past decade. Have a look through the slide show above for the weirdest items we were able to find, and be sure to add any others that we may have overlooked in the comments below.

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