Casting Call For Spike Jonze’s Remake of Kony 2012 And Other Scenes From SXSW Partyzzzzz

There’s an episode of equal-opportunity offending cartoon South Park from 2002 that deftly manages to satirize three things at once. In one 22-minute tour de force, the show simultaneously takes to task The Crocodile Hunter (R.I.P.), Russell Crowe’s then-notorious aggressive tendencies, and movie trailer hype. It is worth seeking out. However, for a more current example of some multitasking culture-jamming, look no further than the prickly parody Twitter account SXSW Partyzzzzz.

The targets here are fairly easy, and maybe a little standard, but that doesn’t change the impressive capacity here for hitting so many at once. SXSW Partyzzzzz, which has exactly the right number of z’s in its handle, makes irreverent fun of the hipper-than-thou spirit of South by Southwest attendees, the weird combination of buzz bands and has-beens playing the festival, smarmy industry types who thrive on the novelty of not being in L.A., and the best-bud tone PR folks use when corralling the herd.

Have a look through some of the best tweets so far in the slide show above, and follow along here, lest you miss the madness when SXSW actually starts!

[Images: Flickr users Greengardengnomes, and Raymond M. ]JB