Get Psyched for the Just-Announced PlayStation 4 With Eight New Game Trailers

That sound you hear right now? It’s nerds everywhere celebrating the recent announcement that PlayStation 4 will be taking up sub-tree real estate in nerd-dwellings the world over this coming Christmas. Given the relative disappointment of last fall’s competitor Wii U, Sony has a lot riding on the success of their latest household gaming endeavor. Judging from the first details to emerge since the announcement, however, it looks like the company may have the quality to match the hype.

Aside from unveiling info about the forthcoming supercharged device (though not the device itself), Sony has just debuted trailers for eight of the games that will be available when PlayStation 4 hits the market. These games range from new editions of tried-and-true series such as Infamous and KillZone to first person shooters, fantasy role playing games, and even fare for younger players. (Gotta get ’em hooked early!)

Have a look through all the new trailers, plus an introductory video, in the slide show above.

[Images: Sony Computer Entertainment]JB