“Game of Thrones” Fans Pledge Oath; Online and In Person

Call it a song of ice sculptures and fire. The recent release of Game of Thrones second season on Blu-ray brought the first of those items to a gala event at Best Buy, in the shape of a dire-wolf, and it also generated some sparks online.

The marketing engine behind the gore n’ ghouls-filled fantasy series has proved again and again that it knows how to connect with hardcore fans. Now, in celebrating the Blu-ray release, they’re once more tapping into fans’ desires to be a part of the show.

New York-based agency Campfire invited fans to take the “Night’s Watch Oath,” thereby joining the bastard Jon Snow in manning The Wall and protecting the realm of Westeros. For the uninitiated, most of these words will probably sound like so much gobbledygook, and some of those who are plugged in might balk at taking an oath that involves permanent celibacy. The superfans, however, will enjoy going to the dedicated microsite and pledging via microphone, with the chance to add their voices to the chorus of others who’ve recorded the same, and share said chorus via social media.

In addition to its online endeavors, Campfire also set up an immersive release-night event at the Union Square Best Buy in New York City on February 18th, effectively converting the place into a fan convention. In addition to the aforementioned ice sculptures, those waiting to pick up their copy of the show were treated to Night’s Watch cookies, bands playing music from the show, prop displays, giveaways, and yet another chance to take the oath–this time in a custom video booth.

Have a look through some images of the event in the slide show above.JB