Take A Worthwhile Break And Watch All of This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

On Sunday, February 24th, a substantial portion of the world’s eyeballs will be trained on the 85th annual Academy Awards. Although much of the speculation about who will win is rightfully centered on the “big six” categories–best picture, director, and acting honors–there are some heated competitions warming up in other areas as well. Take, for instance, the animated short films.

Just a couple weeks ago, Disney’s charming and delightful Paperman, which played in theaters last fall before Wreck-It Ralph, seemed like a lock to win the race. Perhaps part of the reason for its shoo-in status, though, was because that video might have been the only one readily viewable at the time. Now, they are all available online.

The Simpsons, a show which some might say has several Oscar-worthy episodes, may actually net a statuette when Maggie Simpson in the Longest Daycare squares off against the competition on Sunday night. Other nominated shorts include Adam and Dog, an anime about the Garden of Eden, Head Over Heels, a student-made short about a couple trying to reignite the flame, and Fresh Guacamole, a piece from stop-motion master Pes where various objects sub in as ingredients for guacamole.

Watch all of them in the slide show above.JB