“You Had One Job!” See The Hilarious Side Of Workplace Incompetence

In light of recent calamities in the corporate world (like, say, too-lax approaches to Twitter security resulting in bruising hacks), we thought we’d take a look at the more entertaining effects of chaos in the workplace.

If victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan, You Had One Job is an orphanage. The website’s sole purpose is to display the wide variety of ways in which people can be staggeringly, amusingly, inept at their sole professional purpose.

You Had One Job started as a meme on the Fail Blog, the website dedicated to showcasing signs with egregious typos, misguided fashion choices, and all manner of errors in judgment. Inspired by a line of dialogue in the film Ocean’s 11, the You Had One Job images posted on the Fail Blog and also Reddit focus in on work-related mistakes so opposite of their intentions as to approach irony.

From the Spiderman backpack that has “Batman” emblazoned in big letters, to the mug handle on the inside of a mug, these careless blunders should put some of your perceived workplace screwups in perspective. Have a look through some of our favorites in the slide show above.JB