New VW Ad Demonstrates That Life Is Short (When You’re A Baby)

VW’s newest ad starts off as earnest as can be: A young mother gazes adoringly into the eyes of her newborn as she and new Dad place their precious cargo into their car for the trip home from the hospital.

A swerving van rudely interrupts the perfect moment and the family’s car–a VW Jetta–narrowly avoids a collision. At that moment, we see the newborn’s life flash before his eyes, a device that provides the spot’s levity while VW delivers a message about the Jetta’s safety.

The spot is the latest from agency Deutsch L.A., fresh off Super Bowl duties (the agency’s in-game spot for the brand has been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube) and directed by Noam Murro (who was also behind the agency’s excellent Taco Bell game day spot).