Leonardo DiCaprio Pitches Jim Beam With Exploding Ice Technique

Ever since Bill Murray made it Suntory time in the film Lost in Translation, the A-List celebs’ once-furtive practice of shooting alcohol ads for Asian markets gained a little cache.

The latest A-lister to go down that road is Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor only speaks four words in the new 16-second spot for Jim Beam Asia. Surely, he was quite well-compensated for each of those words, though. In the ad, DiCaprio uses his star wattage to explode a large snowball into a tumbler by snapping his fingers. (Perhaps Jim Beam Asia thought they’d booked Fonzie?) Pouring a bunch of brown liquid onto the glass of chipped ice leads to the only dialogue: “Cool bourbon. Jim Beam.” What else is there to say?

This is not the first time that DiCaprio has yielded to the siren song of advertising. Below, watch a Bubble Yum commercial the actor made in the early 1990s.