Watch As A Movie Projector Transforms Blizzard Nemo Into Art

As anyone with a Twitter account can attest, winter storm Nemo wreaked some serious havoc on the Northeast on Friday February 8th. While the falling snow eventually turned into dark slush, sullying shoes from city to city, at least one person was able to make something beautiful out of it.

New York-based trainer and Reddit-user Brian Maffitt decided at some point during the blizzard to point his movie projector outside. Perhaps all the white clumps of snow falling by his window could serve as a makeshift screen for the film he was watching. As it turned out, the movie–Dr. Suess adaptation, The Lorax–wasn’t recognizable when played against the snow. It did, however, leave an impression on those passing flakes. With the beams of light aimed at them like an army of colored laser pointers, the snow looks alternately like a phosphorescent dot-pattern painting in the sky, and strings of Skittles forming DNA strands. Either option helps transform an inconvenient blizzard into something more magical for a while.

Watch the video below, and look through some of the stills in the slide show above.