Hey Bro, Check Out These Scenes From the Leaked “Entourage” Screenplay

Oh, yea-ah! The boys from Entourage are riding their improbably durable popularity from the small screen right into theaters in an attempt to mirror the success of movie star lead character Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier).

In the wake of the impending Entourage movie’s formal green-light announcement, a new Tumblr has sprung up, celebrating the cinematic goodness to come. And by celebrating we mean mocking mercilessly. Created by writer Alan Hanson, the Entourage Movie Tumblr is purportedly filled with leaked excerpts from the forthcoming film. None of the excerpts are real, of course, but they are hilariously close to the mark.

Some of the complaints leveled at the show during its eight-season run were that it presented an overly optimistic vision of succeeding in Hollywood, that nothing bad ever happened to the leads for too long, that it glorified a particularly revolting kind of bro-ness long confined to fratty caricatures, and that it treats women like garbage. All of these elements are given their due on the website, while also playing up the show’s reliance on winky cameos of stars playing themselves.

Ironically, if these were excerpts from the actual script, I would totally see that movie. Have a look through some of the best examples in the slide show above.JB