Inside The Phenomenon Of Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls

Rachael Aslett is an advertising freelancer who also happens to be the cat power behind popular Tumblr, “Cats Who Look Like Pin-Up Girls.”

There is just something in the feline temperament that makes these domestic deities spiritual kin to the hot pin-up ladies you may have once encountered on the walls of a mechanic shop (in the 50s). In a word, they are total divas.


“I’m starting to think that the pinup artists–Vargas in particular–must have used cats as inspiration for their images. Some of them are just matched too perfectly” says Rachael Aslett, creator of “Cats Who Look Like Pin-Up Girls,” a self-explanatory Tumblr.

Aslett is an advertising freelancer who works out of Perth, Western Australia. She has been in this line of work for under a year, but it was through her main client, a cheeky clothing outpost called Hurly Burly, that she happened upon the idea of juxtaposing sexy ladies with the Internet’s favorite pet.

Hurly Burly was just about to open its new shop in Perth and online six months ago and Aslett needed to find a way of letting consumers know about the company’s website. Since the target audience is primarily teenagers, she decided Tumblr would be the right platform. Since the company happens to carry pin-up style clothes and also sponsors the Miss Pinup Australia Competition, Aslett was inspired to play up this fashionable aspect. And as anyone who traffics in Internet culture knows, you cant fling a garter belt anywhere near Tumblr without hitting a few cats.

What started out as an advertising opportunity has turned into a potentially lucrative side project. Aslett now divides her time between her job and finding pin-up/cat images, for which she has already received an offer for a book deal.

“I don’t tend to look for the cat or the pin-up girl first, in particular,” she says. “If I find a particularly interestingly posed cat photo, I save it and just hope to find a pin-up that matches. Also if I find a bizarrely posed pin-up, I do the same. Through doing this project I seem to have discovered that I have a ridiculously extensive visual memory. When I see an image, I will just know that I have a match for it saved.” Aslett adds, “Strangely enough, I have found that male cats are actually the best matches.”

Have a look through the slide show above for some of our favorite cats that look like pin-up girls.