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Vineviewer Is A Search Tool For Vines

The Vine ecosystem grows, with an agency-made discovery app.

Vineviewer Is A Search Tool For Vines

It’s been barely more than a week since Twitter launched its six-second-video-sharing app, Vine, but we’ve already seen brands such as Urban Outfitters, Trident Gum, and General Electric flock to the platform. During Sunday’s Super Bowl, Calvin Klein seized an opportunity to go on a Matthew Terry Vine binge.

But there are still few good ways to find the best Vines around specific topics, people, and events. So several independent developers have hacked together web apps that let you watch Vines, and now the agency SS+K has joined them with Vineviewer.

Vineviewer’s search bar lets you search for videos with specific hashtags, such as #superbowl. SS+K plans to use the tool, which it built in a day, to study how consumers use video to express their interest around specific subjects. This “Vine viewing,” in turn, provides the agency with ideas to pursue for its brand clients.

“While we could see things that were being shared in our own community, we couldn’t easily search for Vines that people were using,” says Kevin Skobac, VP of digital and social strategy at SS+K. “We wanted to build a tool that we could use to peek into peoples’ user behavior around topics they’re interested in, which can lead to insights for our own creative exploration.”

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