The Most Re-Watched Ads Of The Super Bowl

Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” was most re-watched, and the pre-game preview trend has no impact on broadcast viewing, according to TiVo.

The Most Re-Watched Ads Of The Super Bowl

Though described by one wag as “less interesting than 34 minutes of blackout”, the ads featured in yesterday’s Super Bowl broadcast were just as eagerly re-wound and re-watched as Super Bowl ads in recent years, according to TiVo’s Annual Super Bowl Commercial Report. Not bad going given that nine of the top ten ads this year had already been previewed pre-match online.


Most re-watched by TiVo users on the big night was Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”–which, as a comedy-based ad, follows in the footsteps of Doritos’ “Sling Baby,” Snickers’ “Logging” and Doritos’ “House Rules” which were the top re-watched ads among TiVo users in 2012, 2011 and 2010, respectively.

“We are seeing viewership remain strong despite some claims the ads are less surprising–perhaps as so many are now seen ahead online,” says TiVo Senior Vice President, General Manager Content & Media Sales, Tara Maitra.

“But the trend is clear from people voting with their remote control: they are watching and re-watching ads and we are still seeing high levels of viewership.”

User generated content featured in three out of this year’s top ten: the two crowd-sourced spots for Doritos–“Goat for Sale” and “Fashionista Daddy”–and Audi of America’s “Prom.”

“User generated content is a growing trend showing how more and more people want interaction with content to become part of the experience, and advertisers are taking advantage of this,” Maitra adds.

The trend amongst big brand advertisers for showing their Super Bowl ads online ahead of the big night continued this year with nine out of the top ten previewed on the web in advance. For example, Volkswagen’s “Get in. Get Happy” which ranked tenth in the TiVo top ten notched up more than 8,373,067 You Tube views before the ad launched on TV.


That said, Toyota’s “Wish Granted” featuring Kaley Cuoco–which scored more than 11m YouTube views pre-game–does not feature in the TiVo top ten.

“There’s been much speculation concerning the impact on commercial viewership during the game of previewing ads online in advance,” Maitra observes.

“Last year, the top three re-watched ads in our survey were not previewed online. This year, however, nine of the top ten were–suggesting online previewing has no negative impact on in-program viewing. In fact if anything, it probably adds to the excitement.”

Beyonce’s 12 minute half-time show was as re-watched as much as half-time shows in previous years, according to TiVo–though there was a clear, upward spike when she was re-united on stage by Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

Another re-watch spike was recorded around 10pm EST as viewers tuned back in to see what was going on following the power outage that delayed play.

Meanwhile, most of the re-watch highlights in-game were focused in the final minutes of the match–TiVo’s research shows the most watched play was, in fact, the final whistle followed by the safety by the Ravens’ Sam Kock – the notable exception, though, being earlier in the game with Jacoby Jones’ 108 yard kick-off return.


TiVo’s top ten Super Bowl 2013 re-watched ad ranking in full is:

1 Taco Bell “Viva Young”
2 Doritos “Goat for Sale”
3 Hyundai Sante Fe “Pick your Team”
4 Doritos “Fashionista Daddy”
5 “Perfect Date”
6 M&Ms “Anything for Love”
7 Sketchers “Man vs Cheetah”
8 Pepsi Next ‘Pepsi Next: Drink it to Believe it’
9 Audi “Prom”
10 Volkswagen “Get in. Get Happy”

TiVo’s Annual Super Bowl Commercial Report was conducted by TiVo Research and Analytics. The study, launched in 2003, uses second by second audience research ranking top ten commercials based on actual commercial retention and viewership relative to program viewership numbers.

The analysis is based on a sample of 30,000 anonymous TiVo households.


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