Pepsi Mocks Coke’s Super Bowl Campaign, Coke Fires Back

Even before kickoff, a clash of rivals.

Long-time Super Bowl adversaries Pepsi and Coca-Cola haven’t kept their jabs confined to official game-day commercial scripts. Today, in the lead-up to Super Bowl XLVII Pepsi–a major presence during the game with a pair of ads and the halftime show featuring Beyonce–poked at Coca-Cola’s own Super Sunday efforts.


Coke has orchestrated a social-media-driven campaign that allows fans to weigh in on the ending of an epic “Chase” film. In Pepsi’s smart-alecky comeback for Pepsi Next, the brand imagines the actors from Coke’s commercial–showgirls and cowboys and “badlanders” doing everything they can to extract a Pepsi from a vending machine (while a Coke machine sits unused and unloved nearby). The ad was a collaboration between Pepsi and FunnyOrDie (and will be seen online, not during the game).

But Coke hasn’t taken the jab lying down, composing a video rejoinder that insists that its flattered that its rival cares enough to do such a spoof. See the video above.

Hat tip to Adfreak.

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