God, Grunts, And Gridiron Guff: Hear The Top 10 Sounds of the Super Bowl

Sound plays a pivotal role in the football spectator experience. Hearing the primal crunch of heavily padded bodies slamming into each other brings an immediacy to the proceedings that registers on a deeper level than merely watching. Some of the sounds most heavily associated with the Super Bowl, however, have less to do with the action on the field than the surrounding commotion it inspires.

One person who’s keenly aware of what the Super Bowl sounds like is Tom Jucarone, and that’s because it’s his job to know. Jucarone is a partner and audio mixer at Manhattan-based production house Sound Lounge. Along with mixer Rob Sayers, he is one of the go-to sound experts for creatives, working with many of the major brands on their ads for the big game. One year, in fact, 12 of the game day commercials were mixed by Jucarone. It’s this familiarity with the sonics of the Super Bowl that give him and Sayers the authority to declare what will be the top ten sounds of the show.

Although a lot of sports contain iconic sounds, perhaps none register in the same way that gridiron sounds do. “A great sound mix can really enhance any sport production, no matter the environment,” Sayers says, “although there is a bigness about football that’s unique.”

From the grunts and trash talk coming from the field to the fans’ cheers when Beyonce takes the stage, game day will be enveloped in a rich field of sounds that instantly identify just what it is you are taking in. Go through the slide show above to find out what the ten sounds are and get an early earful.

[Referee Image: Flickr user Lee Winder, and Football Players Image: Daniel Padavona via Shutterstock]JB